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Chess and New Year's Go Hand in Hand

Chess and New Year's Go Hand in Hand

Dec 27, 2008, 3:06 AM 3

You know... Chess and New Year's Eve go hand in hand. In chess we must plan and plan ahead. And plan your opponents course of action as well. Something I find difficult to do. But not New Year's planning, oh no. I'm 4o years old and I've learned, not necessarily the hard way under these circumstances but I have learned my lessons on this subject. We must plan well for the New Year's festivities and keep in mind those who haven't at ALL times. Planning well means having a designated driver if we plan on drinking alcohol away from home. Buying my own liquor has saved me a ton of money the last couple of years. Not to count the potential expense of taking the risk of driving while legally intoxicated. I say legally because that is all it will take to ruin your life. It will throw a monkey wrench in the middle and end games of life. A man could even lose his Lady and we all know as chess players how devastating that is when we cannot immediately replace her. And, are the right ones replaceable ? I digress... Please, plan ahead and plan well and be on the lookout for your fellow being who just may happen to be an amateur. They're all over the place , you know ? Be safe and I look forward to facing all of you at some point down the road... Happy New Year !!! Auld Lang Syne !!!

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