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Draw ???

Draw ???

Jun 7, 2008, 10:38 PM 3

Can you imagine the '99 Stanley Cup Final ending in a draw ? I know, that was a ways back. But for those who may not know of or remember, the Dallas Stars and Buffalo Sabres were battling it out in an epic Game 6 of their Stanley Cup Final. The rule then was if a player was in the crease, the blue area in front of the net, then any goal was not allowed. Now, that is not the case. Anyhow Brett Hull's shot went in and was allowed, Dallas wins the game in triple overtime, thus winning the series and are the Stanley Cup Champions that year. Or how 'bout this season's Conference Semi-Final, Dallas vs. San Jose Sharks Game 6. Another triple overtime thriller. Or better yet, Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final. Yes, another triple overtimer between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings. What if those had ended in draws ? Can you imagine ? Not having a conclusion to these games and thusly the series in which those games took place. In playoff hockey, there must be a winner. Now, you say hockey games don't end in draws. Well, you are correct. But there was a time when regular season games did end in draws and both teams would earn a point in the standings. But in today's hockey regular season, after a 5 minute overtime in which neither team has scored, there is a shootout. But in the playoffs, oh boy ! I think the playoffs in hockey is the ultimate tournament in sports. Conceivably you could have a game run into the next day, literally ! If I remember correctly, in '94, the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers finished a game the next day. I believe they stopped for whatever reason the night before or early morning late after it had started, and restarted where they left off the next day. Forgive me if my research is lacking, because it is, but I'm sure that is what happened. Again, I'm not sure exactly why they did that if for any other reason than to just finish it the next day. But could you imagine having co-champions to any sport, or co-participants in a series because the series preceeding had a draw in the deciding game ? Ok, I'll cut to the chase. Is offering a draw a legitimate ploy or tactic to use in a chess game ? I mean, are we not supposed to play with honor ? I feel that a draw should only be offered when one player or another sees that there is no possible means to an end. Someone help me out here. I may be naive, yes I'll admit. I just think that it is rude and just downright underhanded to offer a draw to an opponent when that opponent possibly has MATE in the next move. Sure, it is the responsibility of any player to recognize his position in any given game. But to offer a draw when one sees that he may be MATED in the next move ? Chess is enough of tactics and ploys to gain position and victory. To try and pull the wool over someone's eyes ? I think that is just downright ungentlemanly. Or, now that  I've learned that chess is as popular among the ladies, unladylike. One lady put it, pretty crass.  I would truly appreciate some feedback on this subject. Thank you... 

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