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Football and Chess !

Football and Chess !

Jul 25, 2008, 5:32 PM 4

I am so glad football season is here so that I can quit fooling myself into believing that my Texas Rangers have a shot at the wild-card spot in the American League. Anaheim will win the AL West and the wild-card will come out of the AL East. More than likely the Yankees. What about the Rays you ask ? What about 'em ? You better have some popcorn popping and plenty of butter at the side because ol' Hank Jr. is about to ask, "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL ?!" What does this have to do with chess ? Nothing. As one Dallas resident, ecologist, ego-maniac and Eagles drummer/vocalist would say, "Get over it !" Ah yes, the pigskin ! There is not a better time of year than the anticipation of football. Plus, it is also nice to know the kids are going back to school soon ! Chess ? Ok, I'll say something about chess ! I think chess should be taught in school as a requirement, not even an elective but a requirement. Keep the chess clubs for tournaments and such as it is now, but we need to teach it in school. You wonder what the problem is with our children these days. Well most kids these days grow up with a PS3 or XBOX360 controller in their hand. Does anyone teach their children anything anymore ? I know a lot of people will say that they do, but do they really ? Don't misunderstand please. I ain't the perfect parent either. But my kids know about respect for elders, they know etiquette in its proper setting, they aren't spoiled rotten either. Maybe my daughter, but she has two vicious brothers as well. Our children know how to kill before they learn to tie their shoelaces anymore. Our children know about drugs and sex before they know what they'd be good at in future endeavors like developing a talent or even thinking about a career. Now, being a kid these days is different than when I was a kid. We certainly don't want our children staying out all day only to return to eat and go to sleep at night like it was when I was growing up. In the summer time back then, a kid could be out all day on his bike and the parents would never have to worry as long as the kids came back for lunch and dinner and then bedtime. Not anymore. But sitting a kid in front of the TV all day playing the Wii, the XBOX or the PS3 isn't the answer either. I mean, do kids play Monopoly anymore ? How 'bout Risk ? Have kids these days even heard of Risk ? Do kids still think one has to be a nerd to play chess ? Hey, let's spend more time with our children. They will remember that more than the things we buy them. Let's throw the baseball with them, toss the football, shoot some basketball, kick the soccer ball around. Northerners, slap the hockey puck around, take 'em ice-fishing. But more importantly, let's show them about chess !!! The game that teaches forever about life !

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