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g6 and the Immobile Rook...

g6 and the Immobile Rook...

Jan 13, 2009, 8:41 PM 4

It isn't often that one would answer with g6 to White's opening moves of e4 and Qh5. But when that occurs it is like Christmas on the 4th of July ! I too have fallen for the banana in the tailpipe trick. I too have fallen for moves that peel away the layers of pawn protection exposing an immobile Rook. And that brings me to this one point. Learn from my mistakes. Survey the scenarios that may unfold thoroughly. Have fun because this is only a game. At the same, apply what we learn in chess to our everyday lives. Especially in this new economy. Make wise decisions as they pertain to the security of our families and our legacies. The chess of life !

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