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Griffey ? How could I ?

Griffey ? How could I ?

Aug 1, 2008, 5:31 PM 3

And how could I have forgotten yesterday, Ken Griffey to the White Sox ? Griffey's my brother's favorite baseball player and the Sox are my Dad's favorite team. You know, I really appreciate this site. To be able to play chess unlimited, as many games as I want to play and simultaneously ! But I learned my lesson a while back about having a lot of games going on at the same time. An older and much wiser player than I, my bar is not real high. But this guys bar for ability and wisdom, much much higher. This man suggested that I just may have too many games going. At the time I had just over thirty. Not a high number for most, but for me a little high. So now, well not now exactly since I have twenty-nine games going at this time. But I do make an effort to try and limit myself to just around ten games. But this chess is so addicting, please pardon the sick sick word for lack of a better one. But as I said, I'm easily drawn into tournaments and challenges because of the desire to play. Plus, it doesn't help that I play mostly at night when most of my opponents are sleeping, just a generalized assumption. Maybe I should limit myself to a night group of players or just play those from the other side of el mundo. Also I am thankful for the opportunity, more of just an outlet really, to share my random thoughts. Sharing is very healing, and if we would just share of ourselves a little more, the world would be so much better. Sharing doesn't have to be materially or monetarily, just physically and emotionally. Give it a shot, you just may make someone else's day and subsequently your own. It is after all, the Golden Rule...

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