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Survival !!!

Survival !!!

Jun 24, 2008, 5:20 PM 3

Well folks, I think I may have survived. Survived a horrible slump that lasted almost a hundred games. I went through a stretch that saw 66 losses against 28 wins. I am not by any means suggesting that I am above a stretch like that, obviously I cannot say that. And I did face some very high-quality competition. For example, the tournament I directed, The Battles of David. I was a boy among men in that one. There's 18 losses right there ! As I stated to my tournament mates, when I named the tournament, I had no idea that I was just like David fighting Goliath. Only, I was taking on 8 or 9 of them at once ! Anyhow, those of us who are not Masters or Grand Masters or Womens Grand Masters, I think we go through some of those stretches. Maybe not as long as 94 games, but in that stretch I strived for and sought out stiffer competition. My average opponent rating increased over 100 points. For me, that rating suggests who I'm playing against, who I'm winning against, and who is winning against me. It took a while, but my game I feel has improved. Since then, I've managed to eke out 15 wins in 20 matches. But most important of all, I'm having fun ! This website is awesome ! Listen, or in this case read with attention. My hometown baseball team is barely hanging around .500 and July, August and September are upon us. This team traditionally wilts in the Texas heat. If you've never experienced it, you have no idea. Sure it's hotter in Phoenix and yes, heat is heat no matter what. But even people from Phoenix who've been to Dallas and Ft. Worth, Houston or South Texas even, they'll say that there is nothing like it except maybe the desert in the Middle East or the jungles in Africa. I've never been to either one of those overseas, but I was born and raised in North Texas and I did stay at a Holiday Inn once. I digress sometimes. Back to my Rangers. I just want these guys to get the recognition they deserve, the accolades that are due them. The All-Star Game is around the corner and hopefully this team can send at least 3 guys, Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, and Ian Kinsler. Josh Hamilton should be the MVP and David Murphy Rookie of the Year. The Milton Bradley watch should be going pretty well, just waiting for that bomb to go off any day. Does Ron Washington get this team playing better in the stretch ? We shall see. But if history and tradition hold true, he and his team will wilt in that hot August sun and go meekly into the sunset of September...

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