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Trade ?

Trade ?

Aug 1, 2008, 2:57 AM 2

Anyone notice the trades that sent Ivan Rodriguez to the Yankees and Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers ? I tell you, the Dodgers and Yankees were able to pull off some pretty good ones in their favor. It's as if they both traded a Bishop and got a Rook back. Or in the Dodgers case, a Queen. Yes, Manny is a diva. Where will Brett Favre end up ? Chicago ? Minnesota ? Right about now the casual sports fan idiot is saying, "the Packers won't trade him to a team in their division." A week ago you were right. But yesterday while you were setting up your "conditional moves" for a prospective mate or exploring an opponent's past games archive to gain an edge, ESPN reported that the Packers were considering just that. Let's hear the rhetorical question, "what does this have to do with chess ?" blah blah blah. You see, in my mind, my limited mind that is, chess is life. Chess is baseball and baseball is chess. Chess is football and football is chess. Chess is hockey and hockey is chess. Chess is soccer and soccer is chess. Basketball ? Basketball is hip-hop. Anyhow, let me say how thankful I am for the opportunity to let these thoughts of mine out of my head. If it weren't for chess.com allowing me to share my most random thoughts, who knows what condition my mental health would be. As far as playing, well I'm still a pretty average player making the same mistakes I've made in the past. I lose to pretty ladies from other countries because, well they can play ! The only times I've been set-up better with a fork is when I've been up against KellyKey, Pontinho and anyone rated 1800 and above. Why can't pretty girls from the U.S. play chess ? I'll tell you why. With the way the economic system is set up here in the U.S., why should a pretty girl learn how to play ? All they got to do is find that rich-old man to take care of them or some yuppy with a Mercedes in need of a trophy on his arm. That is how most of our all-American gals do it to get by in life. Is it right ? No, but pretty girls do get their way no matter what. I'm not ashamed to say that of all the women that I've played chess with on this website, there aren't many I've beaten. And one is in fact from the U.S., and she is a rare lady. You guys go up against a gal from Brazil, you better be ready to get forked. And I'm not talkin' a check on the King and attack to the Rook either. If your Queen is anywhere around, you better believe she'll be a viable option for future questioning and information extraction. Yeah ok, the pieces have to be in the right place ok, I hear you. But watch your step. 'Til next time...

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