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Winding Down !!!

Winding Down !!!

Nov 22, 2008, 10:01 PM 2

This has been the greatest college football season I can remember ! The dynasty days of college football are over ! It has become somewhat like the NFL but not with as much parity. Take the Big 12, the best conference this season by far. For much of the season the Big 12 has had 4 teams in the top 10. I can't remember that happening before for any conference. That's not to say it has never happened, but it is rare and when it does happen, it must be noted. Especially if it is the Big 12 ! Texas beats OU. Texas Tech beats Texas. OU beats Tech. How great is that ?! Now, Texas still has to beat A & M. OU still has to beat Oklahoma State. Tech still has to beat Baylor. Ya know, go ahead and count that as a win for Tech. There will be no upset in Lubbock next Saturday. So all three schools must win next week to preserve this three-way tie. Now, I know who has the edge here based on the tie-breakers. But let's have some fun with the question of how they would decide the South representative for the Big 12 Championship Game. In the event there would be a three-way tie in the South division of the Big 12, they should have a three-team chess tournament. Our new, charismatic President-Elect would like to see a playoff system in place for college football. I say forget that ! Settle it with chess. I think we as a society have become obsessed with overpowering the opponent with brute strength, speed and agility, shake and bake moves on the basketball court and the racetrack (Ricky Bobby and Jon Honcho). I don't think we place enough emphasis on out-witting the opponent, or for the non-thinkers, out-smarting the opponent. Our President-Elect would have more influence instituting and integrating chess into our schools than making a dent in the financial argument for the current system college football uses to determine a national champion. I am most certain that a man who graduated at the top, # 1 of his class from Harvard Law School, would know how to chess it up with the best !... Chess, the forgotten pasttime.

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