Is Resigning Rude?

May 15, 2009, 6:29 AM |

I play Live Chess on a regular basis. I'm there atleast three hours a day. But I find myself sometimes playing players vastly more experienced than I am, or players that are vastly less experienced than myself.

In those situations, is it not better to resign to admit defeat than drag on a conflict which will ultimately lead to a disasitisfactory conclusion for all parties? In my own opinion, I believe that resigning is less rude than abandoning a game, but is resigning itself rude?

Most would say it depends on the situation: If the game has dragged on for an extended period of time and one player has shown practically no interest in the game, whether winning or losing, would it be considered more mannerful to notify them that you're going to resign, or just resign? Abandoners don't acknowledge if they'll leave or not, but should someone that's going to resign?

What if you're playing someone less experienced than yourself, but the game is rated? I don't mean to say the person is completely unplayable, but the game is at a place where you are undoubtly victorious. Personally, being utterly demolished leaves a sour flavor in my mouth, and I imagine most other beginner players, who more than likely are playing more experienced individuals for the challenge and mere fun of the game, aren't particularly fond of being beaten so easily.

So, when is it okay to resign? I've always felt it to be awkward situation. Half the time, players don't converse. Resigning would be less awkward if all players came with a friendly disposition, but unfortunately this is not always the case. In a world of good sportsmanship and kindness, I doubt resigning would be necessary, because losing a friendly match with a smile or laugh makes it hardly a loss at all.

In closure, I imagine many players, both novice and expert, click the button to end all buttons with reserve. They either come to the table with an unnecessary arrogance, or naive innocence. Those are the most common incarnations of the resign button being used, and take it from me, having sat in both seats, its perfectly okay to resign in either situation. However, maybe you (and I) could say "Hello" from time to time, so the seats of white and black -- whether winner or loser -- don't seem so far apart.