A Tale of Two Dollars

A Tale of Two Dollars

Jul 16, 2014, 6:27 PM |

There was once a one dollar bill that was first used as part of a tithe to the Lord. Then later it became part of a financial blessing to a widow. Then later on it was used to help buy food for a homeless person.  The dollar did good work.


There was another one dollar bill, just like the first, except it was first used to buy drugs for an addict. Then later it was used as part of a bribe of a politician. Finally it ended up as one of several thousand used to pay a hit-man to commit murder. This dollar never did any good.


Now here’s the question: if you take both dollars to the bank, which is worth more to the banker?


They’re both of equal value to the banker. They are both worth the same to him.


No matter if you’re the “good” dollar or the bad one, God loves you just the same and values you just the same.


To God, we are all infinitely valuable. No matter what we’ve done.  He waits to forgive us and make us clean and new.


Just a quick object lesson. 

Think about it.