the Evergreen

the Evergreen

Jan 27, 2015, 7:35 PM |

The Evergreen




By fire’s light and muscle’s sweat,


Amidst the needles of the Evergreen,


Sweet songs sung by the wind in the leaves,


Whispering gently to only me.




Smoke rises high above the Evergreen,


Black velvet sky bejeweled with stars,


Songs of my ancestors whisper to me,


Reminding who I am – who we are.




Regrets, confusion, and no firm ground,


Caught between two worlds – stranger to both,


The wind moans a mournful sound,


I can make no promise – take no oath.




I mourn the things I have done,


The better part of me thrown away,


I rest beneath the Evergreen and ask,


Forgiveness and the hope of a new day.




What I am?


What have I become?


I forget the man I used to be,


I have become undone.




Sit with me now beneath the Evergreen,


Around roaring fire with good drink,


Tell me the things you have done and seen,


Give me some purpose on which to think.




Gently whispers the Evergreen,


Peace for my soul it does sing,


Hope can be found within its song,


Peace to my soul it does bring.