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One Pawn At A Time

Feb 18, 2012, 11:37 AM 1

 Something I have started to notice in my play as of recent...When I'm making tactical moves that include trading pieces I have begun to try and take out an extra enemy pawn in the process so that in my endgame I have weakened my opponent of pawn strength and have made a prime opportunity for my own pawns to force a promotion for a winning end game! Something about the extra pawn sweep is that most of the time it goes unnoticed by my opponent until the end game when the board is left with my side having several pawns pushing forward and my opponent only having a few to fight the on coming mob...Though its a valiant effort we all know that 1 pawn against 3 isn't good odds when its life or death situations. So my somewhat novice advice is when you want to trade and its available, take out an enemy pawn in the process. I promise you, when you start playing more so by points than just strength of pieces you will end with a promoted pawn and a nice win to go along with it. (Not that I am saying strength of pieces doesn't matter, but that when the endgame comes and trades have been made the one with the extra points tends to have the advantage.)

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