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Making Up For Lost Time

Making Up For Lost Time

Dec 22, 2011, 12:42 PM 0

 I just started playing chess less than a year ago...I kinda knew how to play but didn't understand most of the rules and I wasn't so sharp on how to checkmate someone. I have always had a great respect for the game and those who play it. So I decided to dive in and see just how great I could be at chess... so long story short...I had to make up for lost time! I understand that most of the players I'm going against have years of play experience on me...But I cant let that stop me! So on to the topic. Ive seen several post about people not understanding most chess books and also wondering if you can achieve a high rating being self taught. Well not that I'm very high rated but with less than a year of play under my belt I'm well on my way to being rated around 1300 I know that's nothing to brag about but going from 900 to over 1200 in just a matter of months deserves some credit! But I have to say a lot of my success comes from one book that improved my game. Its called "Bobby Fischer teaches chess"!  So to all those who have the same passion to be great but dont have the years of experience just like me...Check out this book!!! The way he teaches and has you work out problems is a great way to understand the basics that puts the word "great" in a great player! Fischer shows you how basic a complicated looking game can be. If anyone else knows of any great chess books that have the same feel as this one please let me know!  ~AButler

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