Learning Chess Openings

Sep 21, 2011, 5:57 PM |

So, I've yet to really practice or memorize any openings in chess. I wonder how important it is at my level. Chess.com says that I'm 1200 elo but that's because I've yet to play any games. I'm probably 600 something.

To attempt a near future study of chess openings I've thought about a few things. There's an app for the iPhone called Chess Trainer that has an in-app purchase of easy openings. Still have yet to do any but I wonder if it's a good way to practice. Thing is though, with this app, I can't select different openings or problems I'd like to review...

 iBooks has a few, "Openings for Dummies" books and I was wondering if any of those were worth purchasing. There are samples available for download, but I have yet to look through any. 

Finally, there's a few opening apps for the iPhone. They're kind of like opening dictionaries. One's called "Chess Openings Pro" and the other is just called "Chess Opening" (with no s). I'm reluctant to buy these being that it might just be a wast of my money. I can search openings via this site pretty easily. 

I might reiterate, as in go, I don't know if it's best to study openings at my level. Maybe it would be best once I have more tactical knowledge? 

Should be sticking to Go rather than be messed up by chess strategies... (~_~;)