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Checkmate or Taking a Queen!

Jun 27, 2008, 11:54 AM 5

I have noticed that if given the opportunity people would take a Queen rather than put someone else in checkmate!!! I think I know the reason why. It all begins when you can mate someone, but they deliberately put their Queen in harms way in order to distract their opponent. People will figure "Oh, look at the Queen!" and they would take it?! It worked on me a few times... I was playing my brother and my dad intervened since he was in a losing situation and he recommended sacrificing his Queen. Of course, I was unaware that it was actually a TRAP!!! The second I took him he forked me and I lost my opportunity  to mate him! In the Endgame, with my greater material, I prevailed. I was so blinded by the fact he was giving me a seemingly "FREE" Queen I forgot all about mating him!!!  What's your view on this matter... Comment & Enjoy!


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