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Expoiting an Open File

May 21, 2008, 5:12 PM 0

Open files are are just merely a row or column of squares that is open. Yet it can play such a major role in the game because it is a weak spot in both of your defenses; whoever gets control will be the one who gets and delivers their pieces into your side. They have a greater chance of winning when it is being guarded by either a Queen or a Rook. Once lined up it is nearly impossible to stop it, you may be able to block it but once the gap is bigger it is no use. Now if you exploit an open file it is pretty much the same except your the one inflicting the damage. Now the plus side of having an open file is it allows for a more open game; now I'm not saying a closed game isn't good but I prefer a more open game for more mobility. It is a passage way to your opponent's side and it serves as an important route for you Queen to get through, usually once inside your Queen will create an invisible wall where the King and any other unguarded pieces can not go through without death. Take the game by a simple alignment of a Queen and a Rook or any other combination which works. Nothing is more sweet than victory but for your opponent he/she will be tasting something else not so sweet. I recommend making your pieces charge to have a more pronounced affect.    

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