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Favorite Color?

May 8, 2008, 4:55 PM 1

Here is yet another mystery, which color do you favor most? Is it White, the color which moves first or Black, the color that is able to counter White's Opening? In my opinion, Black is my favorite because I've always played better using it on chess.com. Black is special because even though it moves second it gets to decide what to do to counter White's play. White starts out the game ,and therefore, decides the opening and general direction of the battle. It is not up to me to decide which one is better, I just favor Black better. I just play better using it in the Opening, tactical plays, analysis of the situation, etc. I would have to say the greater majority likes playing as White because it moves first. To me chess is chess no matter what color your playing as. It is up to the person to decide the outcome of the game. Each color has it's own advantages and it depends on what kind of advantages you want in a game.

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