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Forking a King & a Knight!?

Jun 4, 2008, 7:02 PM 1

Well in this game I played I used a fork on my opponent's King and his Knight! Well this may sound kind of akward because you would say "He could just take it with his Knight," that's right, well to me it worked out just fine. See I needed his Knight out of the way to get his King in a bad position; Checkmate! Eventually I succeeded in doing so when taking my Knight, thus moving his Knight, it weakened his defenses leaving his King stranded. This may sound kind of strange using the "Fork" Tactic on a King and a Knight but the reason was obvious! I doubt my opponent knew what hit him when my false Tactic worked. So it began with a "Fork" and ended up with me winning the game, best of all my "Fork" Tactic was on a King & a Knight, must important the little Knight, it still payed off using that Tactic on something that can take it back! Here is the game showing what I mean when I used a "Fork" that you could avoid but can't stop. 


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