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Great Beginnings

Mar 9, 2008, 10:09 AM 3

Today I'm discussing the importance of your openings because these are what determines the game. The Sicilian Defense... for example. A key way in getting in a position where your opponent is forced to go on the defense. The openings determine if your King is safe, your pieces are manuvuerable, prevention of Pawn weakness, and piece coordination. Openings are named by Game, Variation, Defense, Gambit, Counter Gambit, System, Attack, and Reversed,Inverted. For example the "Four Knight's Game", "Queen's Gambit Declined", Sicilian Defense",   "Two Knight's Defense", "King's Gambit", "Greco Counter Gambit", "Reti System", and the "King's Indian Attack". I reccomend the Sicilian Defense because I think it best lets your pieces to protect your King, your pieces are manuvuerable, your Pawns are not weak, and piece coordination is given. Your Knights are out ready to do battle and your important pieces are able to attack while being protected. The only thing I want to add to it is to get the King side a little bit more protected by maybe placing the Pawn to G3. Pick which opening you would like best because you should be ahead. Now lets talk about the oppurtunity you'll be put in when choosing a good opening. You'll be able to get your King in to safety, you'll get to get your pieces out, and it looks coolTongue out. A chess game is divided into three parts I believe it is beginning, middle, and end game. What you do in the beginning will determine what you do in end. It is how it works so if you do not do a reassuring opening you'll probably be less likely to win.            

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