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It's not a Blitz Game

Mar 6, 2008, 6:38 PM 1
OK so I was playing someone and they are moving extremely quickly like it is a blitz game or something but it is 1 day per move. He/she is moving way to quickly but he/she is putting a lot of thought into whatever he moves. I just thought like he'd be like my other opponents who do not move quite as quickly. I seriously think he/she needs to slow it down a little bit more, it is not a race to finish the game. Chess takes time to thoroughly plan out your moves and beat your opponent. A true chess game takes time and should be no less than 1hr. In my opinion a Blitz Game is not really chess unless like your a person who thinks out like 3 moves per second or something. If it is the case OK. I highly reccomend a little bit of advice for you all take your time it is not a race. 

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