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It's One of Those Days Again

Mar 6, 2008, 5:59 PM 0
Is it me or do I stink today well I think I was just in "one of those days again" type of scenarios where you are completely unable to do anything. Well on these days the probability of me doing something wrong is 100% likely for I hate these days. I do not know about you guys but it is really irratating for me and for every one else to be in a bad day. Off days affects not only your game but your daily lives.    For example I in school and guess what I was completely unable to do anything. It was not all bad becasue today although it was my off days none of my games were affected. I was able to salvage all and an added bonus I won a game. Off days are sometimes strange but we all get it eventually. These types of days occur periodically and it is annoying at times but we all got to live with it.   

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