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The Knight's Fork

Apr 4, 2008, 7:43 PM 5

The Knight's ideal and tricky movements makes it perfect for double-attacking or a triple-attack. The best fork is when your opponent's King and Queen are in the perfect squares and before they know it you just got yourself an easy win. The "Fork-Attack" works the majority of the time when I use it. The technique is special for just the sole reason it is effective. Knights are tricky and when you place your Knights diagnal or next to the other they work like clock-work. Your opponent is unable to defend themselves once your in a position to strike. The Kngihts will keep their formation if you continue placing them in a repetitive motion. Move by move you let one fall only to get a bigger prize, the Queen!!! The Knight's "Fork" works well when you get you pair the Knights because it's difficult to see all the possible range of movements. The Knight's "Fork" gets it's name because the imaginary path the Knight takes resembles a fork like figure. The same technique is used in the following diagram. It does not look like a fork but the idea is the same. Thanks to the Knight's special way of moving your opponent may think he/she is safe but as a matter of fact they are not. Look at how effective it is, I made the mistake of mispositioning my King and my opponent was on it, guess the technique he used to beat me. It is a great technique so use it when the King and the Queen are in the perfect square. You can also do the Knight's "Fork" on any other pieces but I prefer reserving the encounterable technique. Look at the pieces and their positions on the board you may get the chance to use it in action for yourself.       

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