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Losing Material in the Endgame

May 16, 2008, 7:40 PM 2

Losing material in the Endgame is not good for several reasons. I believe it may make it harder for you to win or cost you the game. The Endgame is the most crucial part because it determines who will win and who will lose. One mistake on either side and it is game over. It is never a good idea to rely on luck to win a game; your opponent may be very good and they will get your King becasue you wanted to let luck help you. In chess there are over a trillion different combinations so luck doesn't do you much. I suggest a game without any luck; it is not fun for either side side because the end result is a boring game. Prior to this game you thought it would be interesting to play this player for any reason. Now it turned into a game where you just wasted your time on. Now a game with only a King and a few Pawns is what I'd like to call a Pawns Game because it is just a matter of tactical play; getting their Pawn down first wins it all and gaurding it. I think the King and the Pawns are the most important pieces in the Endgame because they play a vital role in trying to salvage major pieces from Promoting! Once again it is key to gaurd your Pawns all the way down while fending of your opponent's pieces away. Other situations include a King and a Queen vs. a King and two Rooks; while the Queen has the upper hand linning up them up is a common and dubious mistake causing you to lose the game. Okay picture a battle where two armies are fixated on one goal and one goal alone; kill the King. If your army is losing men it will be more difficult to defeat the opposing army because you have less, therefore your side begins to fade until it is not there.  That is why material really matters in the Endgame.

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