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The Silent Killer; Promoting!

May 12, 2008, 9:50 PM 0

Have you been neglecting your Pawns? I know I've been; but not anymore because of it's unique ability to Promote! It is a little trick all Pawns possess, which upon getting to the other side of the board it is able to Promote to either a Bishop, Knight, Rook, or the all powerful Queen. It assures an easy win! Your opponent's frail defense is unable to protect against nine Queens (unlikely, but possible)!!! Not to mention you gain an extra Piece worth while; don't neglect your Pawns, use them to Promote to higher ranking pieces, you'll be thanking your Pawns for they are the only one who are able to do the incredible feat of Promoting Pawns. If your losing a game gain the win by getting a Queen thereby winning the game. Batter your opponent with your pieces so he/she just barely fends off the attack then add the last blow. Thanx to the little Pawn it was all possible to mate him. In my opinion I would take any opportunity to Promote to annihilate opponents.   The outcome of the game will be satisfying and to my liking for it was a victory. That little Pawn meant the very outcome of the game; winning or losing. Pawns that are Promoted are more than likely the reason for your win! It is sometimes hard to believe a minor piece can make such a big impact on the game. Besides promoting it is useful for both offensive and defensive purposes, and it is the Silent Killer! Promoting is really one of the  best tactics ever; the only way to really stop it is to block it or capture the Pawn before it reaches the otherside. But becasue of a Pawn's ability to form chains which protects one another. It is a lethal combination; the one-two-three knockout. The two Pawns can gaurd eachother all the way up. It is a minor sacrifice for winning the game. Surely the win outways the risk, in fact it does you way more good because rather than having a weak defensless Pawn lying around, Promote it and you'll have yourself an all out better piece. If this technique fails; by that I mean your opponent sacrfices something to stop it then you still get the play because you made them sacrifice one of their major pieces to take out a "Nearly" harmless Pawn. Now that the Pawn secured it's status, I would like to move on to the matter of how the Pawn may achieve this while weakening your opponents hold on his side of the board. To put it simply all it has to do is progress with a little help from another Pawn and a defending Queen. It will play out and unfold for itself. By getting those three pieces in your opponent's side it will automatically weaken him/her, the Queen can control a lot of squares and those Pawns will be the next Queens. You're position gives you total control of the game by forcing your way through and squezzing in a win! Promoting all and all is a very unlikely candidate for being the Silent Killer, lol. Enjoy!                        

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