Random FUN Facts #3


The following random FUN Facts are from ADK, sakura22, rich, and kohai!!!

1. The only letter that does not appear on the Periodic Table is the letter "J".

2. Peanuts can be used as one of the ingredients for Dynamite.

3. "Dermatoglyphics" and "Uncopyrightable" are the Longest words in English!!!

(The Longest words in which no letter is repeated more than once).

4. The World's Largest Amphibian is the Giant Salamander reaching 5-6 ft!!!

5. Starfish do not have any Brains!

6. Venus is the only Planet that rotates Clockwise rather than Counter-Clockwise.

7. The World's Longest Monopoly Game lasted for more than 660 hrs.!!!

8. It is Physically Impossible to lick your elbow!

9. Carnivorous Animals will not eat something that has been struck by Lightning!!!

10. Thomas Edison, inventor of the Light Bulb, was afraid of the Dark!!!