Random FUN Facts #4

Jan 24, 2009, 11:43 AM |

The following random FUN Facts are from ADK!!!

1. In 1933, Mickey Mouse, an animated cartoon character, received over 800,000 fan letters!

2. The Human brain is 80% water.

3. The Hawaiian alphabet consist of only 12 letters.

4. Pearls can melt in vinegar!

5. "Stewardnesses" is the longest word that is typed using only the left hand!

6. Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots! Ironic, huh?!

7. A "Jiffy" is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second!

8. Fleas can jump 130x higher than their own wight. This is equal to a 6ft. person jumping 780 ft. into the air!

9. Erosion from Niagara Falls undermines the shale cliffs causing it to recede 7 miles over the past 10,000 years!

10. On average, a "smell" weighs 760 nanograms!

11. Strawberries are the only fruit whose seeds grow on the outside.