The 4 Move Checkmate

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Ah, yes the 4 Move Checkmate it is a quick and easy way to beat your opponents. It can be done on either side (black or white). (Playing as White) 1st move the pawn above the King 1 or 2 spaces. Next, Move your white bishop to target the pawn diagonal to the King and Knight. Then, move your queen diagnal above the pawn of the white bishop to target the same pawn. Finally, take the pawn and put your opponent's King in checkmate, you've won the game



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    Mad people's game really foolish.

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    To Dystopic,

    You are not a fool to try it against somebody other than a beginner. You might have to conceal it, but it is possible if you can catch somebody off guard. I pulled it off against an advanced player much better than myself. I had to mask it and delay it, but pulled it off in about 12 moves, since the basic script remained intact.

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    this is definitely no fools mate fools mate  can be done in 2 moves and requires your opponent to deliberately be stupid. this 4 move mate has much more practical applications as it doesnt rely on your opponents moves I wouldn't try to actually do this in 4 moves but if you distract your opponent with some other plays it might just work i recently won a game in 13 moves using a very similar mate shortly after my opponent had castled i couldnt believe my luck but i was making a different play elsewhere on the board and scarificed my knight 

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    In a Tournament I did it and won.

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    It never works except when I was teaching a friend it in a rated game and played it against him to show him

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    Scholar's Mate...Fool's Mate Pool's Mate..whatever mate...Only a fool would fall for a mate like this! lol 

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    Hi, No, this is not fool's mate. fools mate is a mate in 2 (for black) and 3 (for white).

    Fools mate goes like: 1. f4 e6; 2. g4 Qh4 mate.

    It takes white 1 more move as he has to wait for black to play f5 and g5 and hence can only deliver mate on his 3rd move.

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    It's also called the "Fool's Mate."  You're a fool if your dumb enough to fall for it.  You're also a fool for even trying it against anyone other than a beginner.  

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    Known as the Scholar's Mate...
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