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The Best Option

Mar 8, 2008, 10:15 AM 0

In a chess game there are several options you are able to do. When you see a move is it not logic to simply take it but I like to find a better one on the board. See if you look at things long enough you may see something you would not have been able to see just by looking at a one good move. The majority of people tend to see a move and not even consider the many other moves in their arsenal. For example like you could take someones Queen but with the same piece you could put their King in checkmate the checkmate was a little hard to see but was it worth it to take the Queen or win the game. I see a lot of people over look that sort of stuff. It may diminish their chances of winning. If there is nothing you can do look and you may find something and the majority of the good moves involve sacrifices. By making certain moves it is like a chain a series of moves will come out of that one and there by giving you options. Is it the heightened tension of the game which is clouding peoples mind or what? I see no harm in looking at the possibilites. To further prove my point people would win a lot more games by just looking and anaylizing the position you and your opponent are in. The basicness of this skill is often overlooked and it is these skills which are most essential in a game. I suggest to all of you who want to do better in a game.  Extra caution is not a bad thing it is simply a tool in which to help you in games.           

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