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The Bishop

Mar 2, 2008, 4:41 PM 2
The Bishop a like a dart sliding over the chess board. It is able to manuvuer about diagnally on it's own color. Although it is limited in it's movements it is useful when a King is alone and so with the help of the other bishop it creates a wall or barrier the king is unable to go through. It gets to a point where you put the King in Checkmate but it takes a while. Like the Knight when teamed up with just about any other piece it creates alot of leathal combinations. For example one time I was playing someone and their King and Queen were linned up so I put the King in check and got a Queen! With the Queen ambush the King and use the Bishop to guide your Queen to a point and by achieving these actions pin their King on the edge of the board. I like to place the Bishop in correspondence with my Knight just so my opponent is not able to get near these pieces. The Bishop is an expert attacker and evader and because of it the Bishop is important to those who like a quick piece full of energy and ready to do battle with. I like to think of Bishops of jets because it is a good offense and it evades enemies easily.          

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