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The King's Goal: Staying Alive!

Mar 4, 2008, 6:34 PM 1

The King's goal in life is to stay alive not to gaurd/oversee the rest of the army. The burden of overseeing is a job for the Queen a more reliable piece. The King is really useless all and all, what is he able to do move one space per move.  He is easily found out by your opponent's pieces and is not able to fend for himself let alone the rest of the army, he needs protection 24/7 or else bye bye. He needs to focus on staying alive and nothing else. I was playing one of my opponents and once I got their King there was nothing he could do and so he resigned. The King is important for one reason if he is not alive the rest of the army surrenders. He needs to stay alive. The Pawn is more useful. They are able to form chain-like positions, trap enemies, and they act like a barrier. The King's status is the best in terms of rank and he is therefore a better piece. Although in a game in spite of the lack of ability he rules with an iron fist. He is wise and is targeted by your opponent because with it you are able to keep trying to take  their King. In the battle the Pawns give up their lives to protect their King. The Bishops do battle with your opponent's Bishops just to save the King. The Knights leap over pieces jumping in the way of a direct blow from your opponent. The Rooks line up creating a wall where your opponent is afraid to go into. The Queen herself will give it all up to save one piece and one piece only and it is the King.                             

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