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The Knight

Mar 2, 2008, 1:55 PM 6
The Knight a tricky little piece able to leap over either your own or your opponent's peices. It is agile and it is useful when it comes to closed game positions. I like to think of the Knight like an olympic runner and jumper because I find the qualities they possess the Knight also seems to fit these qualities. It's movements are best described as moving like an L-shape. When a King and Queen or something else like a Rook is one space apart or diagnal from eachother it is susceptible by the Knight's "fork attack" described by me. By putting the King in check it is an oppurtunistic piece and when the King is forced to move the Queen or something else is helpless and it is taken by the Knight. It is as if the Knight carries the Queen to a jail on your side of the board. The only way to get her back is to swap it with a Pawn. The Knight's range on the board is not limited but it's eight possible movements are why it is difficult to predict where the Knight is going to be. It is why it is treasured by the user and thuse making it useful. In a chess game using the Knight is a like a gateway because eight moves are possible and all eight moves leads to yet eight more moves etc. so making it difficult for your opponent to know what's coming next is good strategy.           

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