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The odd Mechanics of chess

May 17, 2008, 1:17 PM 2

Chess works kind of like a mechanical machine. It is best to keep it very keen.  By doing so it will be working at top effeciency; you can achieve this by toning your skills and tactics. I say if you help your pieces they will help you; you may think it is odd but there are a lot of explanations for these phenomenon; in fact if you get into a great position it will be easier for your pieces to help you, easier to get the King in mate, etc. but I'll just stick to this. The game of chess as we know it is just a game but it is no game for your pieces because they are on a battle field trying to elude the other and take the King out. It works like a machine because it needs regular maintenance, replacement parts, and a good place to be set down. It is similar to chess, it is kind of odd if you think about it. The heart of the machine or the thing which connects everything together is equivalent to the King in the game of chess. The rest of the components are just like the pieces in chess; serve the King and making sure it never falls. Altogether if it works out for a long time you know you've done a great job in preparing your pieces for one final mission, get your opponent's King.        

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