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The Queen: Master of The Game

Mar 4, 2008, 5:45 PM 4
The Queen is a piece not to be reckoned with she is a master of the game endowed with the perfect movements of her loyal subjects. She is what I like to call the dignified co-ruler of the game of chess. She is used in my strategy a lot because she is no ordinary piece. She is positioned next to her King to not only give herself up to save the rest of the army but she keeps things organized and without her the rest including the King will fall. Her vialant efforts leads her side to victory and her heroism is recognized by all of her subjects. She truly earned the title "Master of The Game". She is loved by all and she is feared by all. Her combat on the board is suberb compared to the rest. She battles effortlessly to protect her King no matter what the price is including her own life. A true monarch who reigns upon her Rooks, Knights, Bishops, and Pawns. She is w/out doubt a piece with strength/dignity. She is by far the top in her division reigning with nothing but her fearless attitude. She is the Queen!                                

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