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May 11, 2008, 1:01 PM 4
Here is yet another mystery, why is is that every time there is a Top Blogger everybody swarms to view their blog and they don't realize that there are other blogs which have just as much information or whatever on it. I think it is because the ones creating the blog are well known for posting a lot of great blogs and so people want see what they came up with next. I mean I posted my blog at nearly the same time as a Top Blogger and their views and comments went up at least 3x what mine what of done in a day. People figure that the Top Blogger's blog is the best of the bunch therefore they pay no mind to look at the rest. It does not apply to everyone, though it does for many. Like many people I put my blogs out there for people to view and enjoy, I want them to see what I have to show but Top Bloggers get the majority of the views. Pretty much the Top Bloggers are set and by that I mean there are no new Top Bloggers; It is the same people every time. It is not set in stone it is just people have seen what they've done in the past and want to view more of what they experienced. This blog is one of my many published blogs on chess.com, I actually lost track and would have to count them all to find out. Guess how many got into the Top Bloggers spot. Zero. I still keep trying even now as I am posting this one. Well I got nothing else to say.      

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