Undermining the Queen

Jun 12, 2008, 8:48 PM |

In this blog I'll be reviewing a game in which the Undermining Tactic is displayed. The special twist is that it was done to the ALL mighty Piece; the Queen!, all I had to do was wait and take out the Piece guarding her. After that it was just a matter of doing the deed of taking her out. To get the best out of it, my Piece had to be guarded as well, otherwise she would just take it. My opponent blew it when he fell into my trap, first I forced his Queen to a "Poisoned Square" and second the Queen was just there. After his Queen was gone the other Pieces followed a pattern, one by one they fell just like their once ALL mighty Queen. The last piece of the puzzle was weather or not he should've taken my Piece to get at least a consolation prize and therefore having a fighting chance instead of an emanate defeat. He was forced to resign and I won. Now on to the GAME. 

I screwed up the GAME so I apalogize for it... I will not be posting it.