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Without Thinking is...

Mar 5, 2008, 6:33 PM 1

Picture on a chess game you decide not to think and what ends up being is your in checkmate and you'll look like a complete amateur. Without thinking is not the best idea because I was playing one person and I don't know if he was playing chess becasue he was playing so unorthodox in such a manner it was hard to tell if he was thinking or not. I tell you do something without thinking and there are consequences. Who does not think before a move it just plain does not make sense it is logical in a game of chess to think a move through before moving. Strategy comes into play, your brain develops, and if you are one of those people who try to win off of luck good luck becasue it will never happen. Chess is not a matter of chance but a strategy game requiring you to think. In chess there are moves you make and there are moves you do not make depending on what position you and your opponent are in. There are set rules for chess and there are actually names for moves for example the Sicilian Defense. It is an intricate game and there are an unimaginable # of possible moves. If you think your going to win on pure luck try but you'll fail. I know for a fact chess is enjoyable but you must think and learn the game first. Does anybody object or anything.    

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