2000 achieved

Mar 4, 2016, 6:12 AM |

2000+ is a special number. I no longer share first digit with patzers. No offense to friends or anyone who read this :). If one day i become a Master, i should have decent ratings. So lets have them now, why not. After few months of study and brake from fast time controls i decided time has come to finally make my first 2000 rating in any of the chess variants. I picked bullet becouse it would take less time with less strugle and i could go even 2050-2100+   . So i sit and in about total of 4 hours got from 1900~ to 2015 beating a lot of 1950-2050 rated players. But i will stop here with the bullet for 3 reasons.

1) I have to use V3 to minimize the lag, but i don't feel comfortable with it yet and i managed to lose bunch of games on time - some windows pop up, following someone, terrible or horrible if i was Ben Finegold. And those cost me a lot of points, when you dont play for a while system doubles your points for win or lose.

2) I am really slow on chesscom and much faster in other servers. And is not only my problem, for example IM John also confirms his bullet here is on lower level. While i manage to beat higher rated than me, i could easy lose on time vs low rated, which should not happen.

3) Bullet is no good for my future improvement. My quest to Master has to put end of bullet and probably blitz.