Feels good to checkmate Grand Master (bullet chess)

Apr 14, 2016, 3:58 PM |

Was watching US championship and then suddenly i received 5 game 1 min bullet match challenge from a GM player. Man what a bad time for playing bullet... I already quit bullet chess and i was nowhere near in bullet mood. I was relaxed, calm, just no way i'm going to start moving instantly again... But oh well .. when will be next time i could play few games vs GM? So i accepted.. First 3 games i was out of shape - playing bad and slow.. But then i catch up on speed and with good moves managed to win couple games on time. I really pissed him off. No wonder, i was still playing bad, could not catch rhythm. But that GM is known as bad mannered and trash player. - He was looking to snach some quick dirty wins vs lower rated opponents. Boy he picked up wrong fight. Ha-ha-ha. He started to push Harry the H-pawn on first move after i won on time previous games, but he lost that game as well :D I am so happy i punish him. In other hand this is not that big accomplishment. As i mentioned, this guy is not known to play good 1 minute or 3 minute chess games. A lot of other players already scored a lot of wins against him. But he is real Grand Master!!! No matter what time control or hour of the day, A GM should be really strong. Also it was my first time actually to  checkmate Grand Master! (Previously i had 1 time win  on 3 min blitz game vs other GM)...

I will post last game that i checkmated him:

Bullet or not, bad play or not, i checkmated GM so here is the game: