How to beat high rated players 3min blitz

Dec 16, 2016, 8:18 AM |

Wanna share a game, that i finished just now. I played vs ~ 2167 rated player (2200+ max) in 3 min blitz pool. Most players when they play someone higher rated they are scared.. they take too much time, playing solid and passive. And the same time other player is playing cocky with confiedence. You want to avoid that. You will never win a game like that vs them. Yes he might be better but so what. If you are already decent rated player (1700+ blitz) it shows you already are capable of creating combinations, ideas, spotting danger, playing fast.. Ocassionally you can defeat a title player. Just believe in yourself. The game bellow demonstrates that 2200 rated players can still blunder and miss a lot of stuff and absolutely ignore danger without taking actions. All that because i was lower rated than him. Or maybe he did not care, because it was unrated. But even for a title player 2000 rated blitz player can be dangerous animal. Ofcourse i did not played perfect, but i did one thing perfect - to create a chaos, and thats your best strategy in low time controls. Attack, attack, attack.

And speaking ot title players here is a game against National Master 3 min blitz. At his peak he was 2200+ rated player too defeating some 2300+.

Another game, again he understimated me