Progress of a novice 2

Apr 30, 2009, 1:41 PM |

Well the saga continues...first off thank you for keeping track of my progress with me and giving me your comments...

I am continuing to study tactics and have finally picked two defensive moves for black. After looking on this site and book I own I picked the Indian and the Sicilian. As for white I am still on the lookout so if you have suggestions let me know. I need a simple opening which hasn't been done to death. Ruy Lopez's first few moves are simple but the opening has been around for so long that there is probably more written about it than any other opening.

Also, I have played some awesome games this week.  My vow to never give up until checkmated paid off earlier today when I turned a hopeless situtation into an epic fight. I have also started playing correspondence chess in the hopes of developing some skill through intense study move by move.

Until next time keep your emails and comments coming...