Progress of a novice 3

May 3, 2009, 11:29 AM |

Well...this weekend didn't allow for the time I would have liked to play and study. I worked on tactics trainer, played about six games, and studied a book called "Tao of Chess."

I set a new level of play by beating a player rated 1458 (he has played 100s of games with opponents average rating being higher than my rating) in a game which really had my heart pumping.

I also enrolled in six correspondence games via th USCF (my correspondence rating is 1300 with four games under my belt) and have spent most of Sunday playing out the game.

Correspondence chess is relativley new to me but it is already having an impact. SInce I don't study opening books out the ying yang this is a good way to study them while I play.

Tactics are getting sharper...

In the last  week my lonf rating has increased about 30 points with it now at 1349

Also, I have started playing blitz and quick more even though I don't think it is helpful I also don't believe it is counterproductive...if nothing else it halps take the edge off...