Progress of a novice 5

May 12, 2009, 1:52 PM |


I snapped the losing streak and am now 50/50 in the last few games I have played. I lost a couple due to disconnects and had a draw also. One of the disconnects was turning out be one of the best games I have ever played and when the connection ended I was, no joke, distraught. I have also discovered my biggest problem. It isn't tactics or lack of opening is that I play entirely too fast. Most of my online games are 20|10 and most are over well before that for two reasons. One, I am consistently playing against better players who when pushed to play fast play better than me. Second, as I have already stated I hurry way too much.

I plan on entering my first USCF rated tournament at a local chess club this weekend. I am slightly nervous since I have never used a clock or played in a rated tournament.

I am continuing to study tactics almost exclusively but have had to brush up on openings, especially defense.

I have also expanded my correspondence play. I play on, 6 games via USCF, and am registered to play two unrated games in the ICCF.

I have also found a grandmaster whose games interest the crap out me...Ragozin. I have played a couple of his correspondence games and am awed. As you can see in the below game: