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The Budapest Rook

Feb 14, 2015, 11:11 PM 2

This was a 15 min game played on ICC against an approxiamtately equally rated opponent. As a rapid games usually do, it had its share of innacurracies, but this one had some interesting ideas and possible variations as well. The distinctive feature of the game is the implementation of a strategic idea in the budapest defense, often referred to as the "budapest rook", a bold rook lift from a6 all the way over to h6. The idea gained a great amount of popularity in the 1980's, and was seen as a way to revitalize the opening in certain lines. Here's the game! The orginal blog was fully annotated but the game was inserting correctly into the blog post so here it is with no notes. Feel free to ask in the comments about any variations or evaluations Smile

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