HSL XIV Kesäturnaus 2017

Jul 3, 2017, 11:08 AM |

It was time again. A year I've been hiding from the chess scene, studying tactics learning new openings, reading up on strategy. I feel the moment has come to return to the board and turn knowledge into precious SELO. It is the first round that I start traditionally with a draw but not this time.

A disappointing start into the tournament :-(.

Round 2, a fresh start. I want to win but I must not lose. With white I should be solid enough to achieve that against a lower rated player.

A solid game from both players with no mistakes. My opponent played well and the draw is a fair outcome.

Round 3 was a crazy one. My opponent played very unconventionally which led to total confusion on my side. I never throughout the game could develop an understanding of the current position. I just try to play solid. Calculate as much as I can and don't blunder.

I'm happy to win but unsatisfied with this game. Especially by the fact that it was only through a mistake of mine the game was decided in my favor.

Round 4 was probably my best game of the tournament. A rather positional game that led to a winning Rook ending. Just how I like it.

This win gets me to +1 and back in contention for the podium places.

Round 5, the last one. A beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon. I was pondering weather I should again risk it with the King's Indian or go for a slow, positional game. I go for the King's Indian by reasoning I will either lose quickly in the opening and have more time to enjoy the nice weather thereafter or I will win the game and finish the tournament in a strong position. Neither happened.

Final thoughts: I'm still not able to be focused on every move and lose games I should not be losing therefore. I need to learn to consider every position as a fresh one, consider what is my opponents plan in every move. Easier said than done.