My St. Pauli Open Round 1-3

Jul 19, 2015, 2:47 PM |

Dear chessfriends,

so I decided that it was time to start my career in tournament chess and chose the St. Pauli Open as my first event because it is supposed to have a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

The first three rounds are over and I'm pretty much at the end of the field now, despite having had slightly higher expectations before the tournament began.

Round one was a decent start into the tournament with an interesting KID game.

Today followed a double round which was less successful for me. Round two I lost against Dr. Floren after I had refuted his Morra-Gambit in the opening phase, just to throw all the hard worked advantage away, after I forgot about the simple tactical motif of "the pin".

In game three I expected a weaker opponent than in the first two rounds and I got a 78 year old lady. Easy job? Maybe, but not easy enough it seems. I should have seen that her knight, forking my rook and queen, could just have been taken by the f2-pawn and I'd be comfortably a piece up. Why I didn't see that is a mystery. I played this one way too fast though.

Hoping for the turnaround tomorrow.