My St. Pauli Open Round 4-6

Jul 22, 2015, 8:47 AM |

In round 4 my gameplan was to play it safe in the opening and wait for blunders. I played it too safe though and missed the chance to cash in early. Instead my opponent got a good position and grinded me down.

Round five was hard work again even though I had the winning position right out of the opening. My opponent started some psychological war by leaving the board and just letting the time run down. I was annoyed by this and quickly blundered when he returned to make more moves. I turned down his draw offer and started to grind out an endgame. Objectively I should have lost the game when I blundered at move 40 but he missed his chance and eventually lost his nerves at move 50. I could have claimed a victory there after he stopped to write down his moves but it was a simple technical job to win that game, so I played on.

It's obvious, I can't play chess.