My St. Pauli Open Round 7-9


Here comes episode 3 of my St. Pauli Open report. After bitter losses in the second episode, I needed to change something. I started to analyse the games my opponents played in previous rounds to get an idea of the opening I will face over the board and then to warm up I did some tactical exercises. It payed off and I finished the tournament with a hattrick and an even score.

As a new feature in this episode I introduced automatic game annotations by Stockfish for my moves.

Seventh game was still a bit shaky but luckily my opponent lost the thread and started to blunder badly.

Eigth game was a long positional one where my opponent eventually collapsed under the pressure he had on the board and on the clock as well.

The ninth game was a short one. After a standard opening my opponent allowed me to provoke some weaknesses in his position but he resigned after a blunder before I could start to play against those weaknesses.

Overall not entirely happy with how the tournament went, but after a decent finish I'm motivated now to come back and show some better chess.