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Abbud, Alfredo-Reyes, A.A.

Abbud, Alfredo-Reyes, A.A.

Mar 28, 2017, 12:43 AM 0

The past few months were spent preparing for a big chess tournament, which in the end, went well for me. I earned a plus score and gained some rating points.

Hard work pays off eventually wink.png


Although I wished to have done better, now I'm even more motivated to continue improving. One of the biggest motivating factors was the game I am about to share with you. It taught me first and foremost to not give up when a game is going badly. Especially, when you are down an exchange. There may be plenty of counter-play, tactics, or mating threats that, if found, can bring winning chances back in your favor. 


Several chances were missed to gain material early in the game. This lead to problems on my kingside, the loss of the exchange, and the deadly exposure of the king. Deep inside I was furious that the game had come to this point and I was ready to play a few more moves and resign. Then at that very moment, my opponent slow-played his position! This gave me one last chance and I showed no mercy. I hope you enjoy and can take something away to use in your own games happy.png


During the game, the line seemed to play itself, however, in post mortem analysis, the position proved to be more complex. The point is clear: my opponent had to find the best line in the maze of forced variations and threats. With that kind of initiative, the chances for a win increase. So like I said, never give up!
Thanks for reading and see you OTB!


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