Net connection problems

Feb 16, 2012, 12:23 AM |

I am a regular participant in Live Chess. I am not a good chess player; being a retired man I have enough time to spare in playing live chess, it is my passion. Unfortunately, I belong to a developing country where we have to face many problems including power shortage and interrupted net connetions. We are handicapped in many fields, but have no shortage of passions; for me it is playing chess.

When there is a power cut or a net failure in the middle of a running game, it is me who is blamed for the failure and is penalised by lowering my blitz rating; even when I am very near to winning the game! Not only that I lose my rating points but also get possible punishment warning masseges. It really hurts me: double punishment for none of my faults.

Please, do something for players like me; I am sure there are many more active participants in the live chess who are suffering like me.

Thanks and regards.