Apr 27, 2011, 3:06 AM |

Well, today I had my assessment in john robert powers.  They're very interesting.  I like their pitch as well as how practical and simple it is.  I'll inform my parents with respect to the results, and I'll let them decide whether what thing I will take, because ultimately, they'll be the one to pay.  Haha.

It's one of those things, which dad suggested.  Whether I get to try it or not is subject to their condition and appraisal.  But, like everything I've every done, I've only one goal to focus on at this moment, and that is to finish the current course I'm in, and hopefully, I'll be able to use what I learn, and pass the board exams.

It's not easy.  It requires a lot of discipline, and I need to understand what I must learn.